Tina Schmidt

talks about how, in the midst of protest, two opposing groups realized they're really searching for the same results. A realization of common meaning is one of the best ways to bring peacemaking into reality.


Trevor Oyer

talks about peacemaking in India during the 1930s salt march.

Reilly Malone

discusses family dynamics of peacemaking. It may be easy to forgive a stranger, but how easily can one forgive the brutal sin of their own family? How does one reconcile with a drunken driver?

Hannah Miller

tells of how her grandfather braved wartime experimentation as a human guinea pig. Many conscientious objectors participated in medical experimentation and died as a result. How does one show they care, and do not believe in warring against nations if they will not die for it? COs proved their loyalty to Christian peacemaking by doing just that.